Time is a Slinky

A 3-piece band playing live- it took a while even to get to this point.  Time is a slinky.  It expands and contracts in much the same manner that a slinky does.  Sometimes you are waiting for what seems like an eternity for something to happen.  And then there are times when everything is happening so fast and so quickly, you are almost overwhelmed.

Time is completely and totally inconsistent.  I minute may always equal 60 seconds, but when you factor in the human condition- well… time toggles violently between an instant and a lifetime.

Nonetheless, it feels good to get to a point where we are playing rock n’ roll shows again (that’s what drums do don’t they?  make everything rock n; roll).  Like the subject in The Thinker, I was always moved by mind’s analysis even though it so often leads over thinking and procrastination.  It always seemed so romantic to me.  Why?  Well, if you were thinking all the time about your life, than it should naturally reflect that you take your life seriously.  Maybe that’s the mistake I too often make.  After all, it is important to take what you do seriously, but never to be too serious in what you do.

I remember making a conscious decision to stop thinking so much towards the end of last year.  A much beloved friend of mine gave me a Moleskine – a wickedly inspiring blank slate to jot new ideas and thoughts down, and craft developing ones.  I started using it about six months ago and as I read back to the first thing I wrote in it, I cant help but feel a sense of appropriateness:

“It is time to perspire, time to sweat.  It is a time of creation and conversion.  Of transmission.  And most importantly of production.  Reject the bonds of pointless thought, but avoid too, the shackles of deliberate, rationalized restraint.”

The slinky seemed to be expanding then, and I like that I’m feeling some contraction now.  I guess its just the right time to rock n’ roll.

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