Modus Operandi

Like many other things, it begins and continues on with a slow, rising compulsion. We start with an ideal in mind, only to have it shattered and recreated a thousand more times. Fruition is here today, gone tomorrow. But, there is much solace in the appreciation of the process. For one who is unknown, it can bring tremendous gratification and much needed lift. And so we share our process- not just to energize a waning ego, but to offer another voice for any who wish to hear.

On Hiatus

Between 2005 and 2014, Lickpenny Loafer thoroughly enjoyed making music and being part of Toronto's ever vibrant Indie music scene. But as 2014 drew to a close, so too did the work and contributions of the band. As they say, all good things must come to end and the band is now on a sort of permanent hiatus. Thank you so much to all our fans over the years for their continued support. Thank you for listening to the music and for being part of the conversation. We will always be grateful to have fans like you. But on another note... there is also good news! A new, different, and more ambitious project has launched! Check out Last Hologram here- and catch up to the next stage of our musical journey. Come drive the apocalypse.