July, 2007

You Deal With It

It’s nice to be in 2007.  There is a feeling of lightness now that wasnt there for all of last year.  I know this is no coincidence.  This is directly related to the completion of our first EP.

Im not going to whine or complain.  But I will say it was hard.  It was a hard task from start to finish. If you factor in all of the previous years of work that allowed us to even get to a position where we could even attempt it…wow…it was hard.  But trust me- Im not complaining.  Not in the least.

For one, I no longer have this thing eating away inside me, gnawing at every inch of my body and mind, demanding satisfaction.  My friend once told me, “When you listen to your soul, it whispers.  When you don’t, it screams.”  Well, as much as I tried listening, I guess I wasnt listening hard enough, and it screamed.  Over and over.  It wailed.  It sobbed and moaned, begged and pleaded.  And frankly, it made sick…not just sick…ill.  Songs have such rich personalities- would you ever guess that if you cage them long enough they can turn into monsters?  But now…now, they’re buzzing about like bees around flowers, looking back at us with smiles on their faces.  See the thing is, I know this is temporary- this, after all, is only an EP.  Soon, the rest of the songs will start making noise.  But right now…right now, this feels good.

It feels good to finish.  And it feels absolutely great to be in a place where there is no expectation.  I cant speak for Dev, but I just dont expect anything now.  Really.  And its not that I dont care –  I care very much.  I would love for all of this to open up new doors.  But the truth is I have absolutely no idea where we go from here.  But that doesnt bother me one bit- its exciting.  Sure, anything can happen…maybe we will even get a song played on a college radio somewhere in sudbury…that would be neat.  But the reason that it is exciting is because I dont expect a single thing.  For these four songs, theyve already given me everything ive wanted.

Personally, I learned something really important about putting a record out.  Once its out there, its not our problem anymore.  We already did what we have to do.  YOU suss it out.  YOU figure out whether you like it or not.  YOU decide whether to give it another listen or to put it in the back of your CD collection.  Honestly, you wont offend us no matter how disinterested you are in it, or if you even (gasp) loathe it.  We thank you and respect you for even trying, and the same even if you dont.  Because at least for these four songs, its not our problem any more.  You deal with it.