Songs are dynamic beings.  Often they feel like your own children.  You have bourn them out of your own flesh, blood- your own soul.  You watch them grow, having tremendous influence on them in the process, in the same way a parent has over a child.  Sometimes you are disappointed in yourself at the neglect you have shown them and resolve to give them that much needed care and attention.  Sometimes they blow you away with their own ability to take flight and mature with little or no encouragement (or interference) from yourself.

Songs can also be your friends.  This applies I think to all music, but its particularly interesting that even those songs that are your own can be like a friend to you.  It’s as if they know exactly what to say when you need it most.  You think to yourself, “I couldn’t have put it any better”, almost completely unaware that it was in fact you who put it that way in the first place.

And of course, songs can be your lovers.  Simply, you share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with them.  You are exposed, totally naked- and they understand you still- despite the moles, the scars, the unsightly hair, the stretch marks, and the skin deficiencies.

And so it is a reciprocal relationship.  They give life to us, just as we give life to them.

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