As you may or may not have noticed, our website has gone through some a reasonable overhaul.  The new version has many advantages.

Let me preface by saying that I think that while internet technology may have come extremely far, the ability to manipulate it, to deal with the back end, still seems to be a skill belonging to a minority.  But I think I’m wrong.  I think a lot of people  know what they’re doing now with websites- we just don’t seem to be included in that bunch.

Let me also say that anyone who actually runs their own website and has the smarts and patience to update it every day and constantly improve their knowledge of HTML code, is a remarkable person.  Man, that shit is hard.  We think, anyway.

Which brings us to the aforementioned changes.  Essentially, we made some changes to our site to allow for us to do two things:

1)  Create a flow of continuous “new” content that you guys can regularly check back in for,  and…

2)  Be able to update and upload that new content with relative ease.

Thanks to these changes we can now do these things much more easily.  With the power to quickly edit the site we will be making the following regular updates:

Announcement of shows, updates on any important news, uploading of pics and video from shows, a whole range of mp3 downloads of sketches and live songs.

Last but not least, the home page of our new site displays an ongoing blog of our developments that is automatically delivered directly into your email inbox (finally, no more manual emailing for us).  All you have to do is subscribe.

Thanks a bunch to Sharif and Faircube.  He is one of the remarkable people I described above.  A shout-out also goes out to our own Todd for helping start the process.

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